Janice McEvoy - CEO

All of our technicians are Belden, CommScope, Hitachi, Hubbell, Ortronics, TE and Siemon Certified.

Meet The Team!

Jeff Fawcett - Director of Operations/Principal

Jim McEvoy - President

Dedicated Professionals, Quality Work, Prompt Response Time

Structured Cabling Solutions

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Jeff Fawcett offers 20 years of experience in the telecommunications field, ten of which he served as a project and operations manager.

His certifications include: Cat 3, 5e, 6 and coaxial cable.  He is a Corning Certified installer of fiber optic cable, terminations, fusion splicing, and testing equipment.  He also holds certifications with all major cable manufacturers.  Jeff  manages all the job sites and provides support to the team and our clients. He is efficient and extremely knowledgeable of the business, as well as being fair and likeable to work with.

Jim McEvoy, President, has over 35 years of expertise to offer the industry.  A motivated, self-starter, Jim has helped to build Jemcom off of strong morals of fairness, quality, and presentation.  His motto is “Performance and Results,” constantly encouraging his team that hard-work and dedication are the keys to success. 

Always striving to produce pristine workmanship, Jim rose to the top quickly, from foreman in the 1980's, to project manager, then to sales and management . From there, he has become owner of Jemcom Solutions, opened in 2010.  Continuing his legacy, Jim has built an honorable and hardworking team, ready to tackle any task.

Janice began  work as an administrator of Jemcom since the company's inception in 2010.  In 2018 she become CEO.

With precise attention to detail she  manages all of the day to day operations .

Janice holds a Construction Manager Certification from Columbia University and is certified with several cable manufacturers.